We here at Rogue Valley Anglers strive to have everything you need for fly fishing by having the largest selection of inventory anywhere around the Rogue River and Southern Oregon!  Whether you fly fish for Steelhead, Trout, Bass, or in the Salt we have all the right stuff here in downtown Medford. 

We have the largest Fly Tying Section around carrying all the best stuff from Hareline Dubbin, Wapsi, Montana Fly Co, Spirit River, and the gang up at OPST (Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics). 

We have the largest Fly Selection around.  We tie and sell our own versions of all the famous Rogue River steelhead patterns like the Ugly Bug, Otis Bug, giant Prince Nymphs etc.  We also carry all the best from Solitude Fly Company, Umpqua Feather Merchants, Montana Fly Company, and Spirit River.  TONS of Flies for Summer and Winter Steelhead on the Swing or under an indicator, a Huge Trout Fly Selection, as well as flies for Bass, Bonefish, Permit, GT's, and more...Yep we got em!

We have a huge selection of Single Handed and Two Handed Fly Rods from Sage, Winston, Echo, and Redington.

We have a great selection of Fly Fishing Reels for Trout, and a really sweet selection of larger Spey Fly Fishing Reels for Steelhead and Saltwater fishing.  We carry Sage, WaterWorks Lamson, Redington, and Echo Fly FIshing Reels.

We have the very best Waders and Boots in Fly Fishing from industry leaders Simms and Patagonia, and also fantastic price point Waders from Redington for both Men and Women.

We have almost any Fly Line you could possibly need: All the Spey/Switch Fly Lines (Skagit, Scandi, Mid Belly, etc), Nymphing from the boat Fly LInes, Lake Fly Lines, as well as all the Saltwater lines you might need for your next beach vacation!  We have about every Sinking and Floating Spey or Single Handed Tips made...T-8 thru T-17 in all lenghts (MOW, IMOW), PolyLeaders, VersiLeaders, and of course Level T for building your own length and weight tips.

We carry the best Fly FIshing Packs and Vests from Simms, Patagonia, Sage, and Umpqua.  We have all the Fly FIshing Tools you could ever need from the locals at Loon Outdoors.  We've got all the coolest Hats from Patagonia, SImms, Sage, RIO, and of course Rogue Valley Anglers!  We carry awesome Polarized Fly Fishing Sunglasses from Smith and Suncloud.  We have the best Sun Masks from Patagonia that actually fit right, and don't leave you with a "Buff Burn" all around your neck.

All this and too much more to keep going, so come stop by and check us out, talk some fishing, and get all setup to fly fish anywhere at any time! 

There is Public street parking right out front, as well as 2 Parking Ramps within 2 blocks of the shop.

About Alex Rachowicz the Owner:

I was born to be a fly fisherman.  My first paycheck in life was for a fishing tournament with my Dad when I was still too young to even have a paper route in the Midwest, and I've been a sponsored fisherman of some sort most ever since.  My journey out West to the Rogue Valley began in the mid 90's when my oldest sister worked at National Parks in Washington and Northern California, and I instantly fell in love with fly fishing out here on visits.  I started, owned, and guided for trout out of my fly shops in Colorado during the 2000's.  During that time I caught my first steelhead on trips to the Trinity and Clearwater Rivers, and I've offically been a steelhead junkie ever since!  When my fly shops in Colorado were big enough for me to sell them I did, so I could move out here to chase steelhead full time and get closer to my family in NorCal.  I've since caught steelhead on almost 50 different rivers in the Pacific NW while spending thousands of days on the water and behind the oars.  I am a fully Certified Professional Fly Fishing Float Guide from my days in Colorado. 

My preferred method to chase steelhead by far is on the dry line swing, but I also enjoy teaching the art of nymphing for steelhead out of the boat.  I also still have that passion for Trout and matching the bugs they eat that just never goes away. 

I truly love to row and think fishing from my ClackaCraft Drift Boat leads to my most memorable days on the water, but wade fishing can also be a great and productive way to fish effectively for a shorter amount of time on our local waters.

Stop by the shop to check us out and say hi...we have everything you could ever need for fly fishing right here in downtown Medford.   Thanks!  
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Rogue Valley Anglers Fly Shop Address:  218 E Main St. Medford, OR 97501

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Fly Shop Phone: 541.973.2988
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